Help Us Make the Movie

Help Us Create the Documentary “Built on Broken Glass”

We are thrilled to announce the creation of a new documentary, Built on Broken Glass, an oral history focused on the early years of Mark Lanegan and the Screaming Trees from 1985 to 1988. This film will capture not only the stories of these iconic figures but also the vibrant Ellensburg music scene that shaped the lives of many during this period. The city of Ellensburg itself is more than just a backdrop; it is a vital character in this story, influencing everyone who grew up there, including myself.

Your Story Matters

We believe that the best way to tell this story is through the voices of those who lived it. That’s why we are inviting you to participate in this documentary. We will set up our cameras at an event where you can come and share your memories of the Screaming Trees, Mark Lanegan, and what Ellensburg was like musically and beyond during those pivotal years. We will also be roaming around to capture the atmosphere and happenings of the event.

Be Part of History

Some of the interviews we capture will be featured in the documentary. Once the film is completed, all the material will be donated to the Ellensburg Music Preservation Project for archival purposes, ensuring that these stories are preserved for future generations.

Meet Our Team

Shawn Parke – Co-Director
Born and raised in Ellensburg, Washington, Shawn grew up near Mark Lanegan’s boyhood home. In junior high, he befriended Patrick Conner, the younger brother of the Screaming Trees Conner brothers. Together, they spent their free time making VHS films and documenting early Trees shows. Shawn has since become a producer, engineer, remixer, musician, and composer, collaborating with numerous Northwest Underground recording artists. Currently residing in Portland, Oregon, Shawn has returned to film, scoring feature films and developing animated television programs.

Charles Spano – Co-Director
An alumnus of CWU and the Sundance Screenwriters Lab, Charles has an impressive background in film. He wrote and produced the Independent Spirit Award-nominated film Embers and has created TV shows for major networks. His previous documentaries include God Bless Bloc Party, A Positive Rage, and Bouncing Cats. Charles is known for his focus on characters who defy societal norms.

Justin Benoliel – Producer
A founding member and executive producer of Object & Animal, Justin has produced acclaimed documentaries, including Daughters, which won the Audience Award for US Documentary Competition at Sundance 2024. Justin’s work spans commercial and independent projects, earning numerous industry accolades.

Object & Animal – Production Company
Based in London, New York, and Los Angeles, Object & Animal represents a collective of directors, photographers, and multi-disciplinary talent. They produce both commercial and independent projects that resonate with contemporary cultural and societal conversations.

BrightBlack – Austin Rhodes and Ivan Landau – Cinematographers
BrightBlack, founded by Austin Rhodes and Ivan Landau, is a full-service multimedia studio. They have created commercials for brands like Google and Red Bull, and music videos for artists such as Sigur Ros and Primus. They fell in love with Ellensburg and its people while shooting the first leg of this film last summer.

Join Us

We hope to collaborate with you to capture and preserve the rich history of Ellensburg’s music scene. Your stories are invaluable, and together, we can create an incredible documentary for posterity.

Thank you for your interest and support.

Shawn Parke
Co-Director, Built on Broken Glass